A Taste of Trends

Gastropub5-16-to-9--150x150[1]Check out these great articles for some of the more interesting food and beverage predictions you’ll find…

Wedding bar / reception trends: Unique food bars offer gourmet pairings at each station, or food bars can include the big trend of nostalgic foods – the dishes and treats the bride and groom loved when they were children. The cocktail hour will still offer a wide range of food options, and late-night menu options in bar form will offer another round of tasty bites in mini forms, little pops of flavor that are culinary-forward, not sliders and fries. “Wedding Market Insight Report” 2014 www.WeddingReport.com.

Edible QR codes. Really? Harney Sushi, a restaurant in San Diego, has attempted to tackle the problem that 52% of Californian seafood is supposedly being mislabelled, by devising edible rice paper QR codes. Using smartphones, diners can call up detailed information about the provenance and global stocks of the fish they’ve ordered. The Guardian. Amy Fleming, Food trends in 2014: from digital dining to healthy junk food. January 5, 2014. http://tinyurl.com/kg3p668.

Traveling far…to eat. More people will travel to eat. Our obsession with authentic regional cuisine and the origins of its ingredients will grow, with more travelers wanting to take local cooking classes, go with chefs to food markets, meet farmers and cheese makers and winemakers, even stomp grapes. Wendy Perrin in the Perrin Post, Condé Nast Traveler, http://tinyurl.com/m7whhun.

Here comes Brazil. Brazilian flavors: With two major sporting events being held there this year, Campbell predicts all eyes to be on Brazil. Consumers will want to be able to taste and experience Brazilians flavors, smells and tastes, from Feijoada and Salgadinhos (Brazilian tapas) to Caipirinha, the national drink.  [from Mintel] Restaurant Trend Mashup: What to expect in 2014 http://tinyurl.com/lvfhsr9.

Don’t throw the Boomer out with the Bathwater. Baby boomers’ and seniors’ usage rate of restaurants is now heavier than younger generations, she said, and many of them continue to delay retirement. “They are the driver of any growth that the industry is achieving,” [NPD Group restaurant industry analyst Bonnie Riggs]  added. “They tell us they want comfortable seating, less noisy restaurants [and] a menu that is easy to read. We need to pay attention to them.” Nation’s Restaurant News, 10 trends shaping the restaurant industry in 2014 http://tinyurl.com/l3lw7dj.

Selected mouthwatering  Baum+Whiteman Buzzwords for 2014: Boneless lamb neck. Filipino food. High-proof spirits. Sweetbreads make a comeback. Buckwheat is grain of the year … even if it’s not a grain. Fluke is fish of the year … octopus second … trout third. Kale still rules but cauliflower’s working forward. Consumers’ newfound protein obsessions. House-made fruit vinegars for vinaigrettes and cocktails. Teres major (look it up). High-priced vegetarian tasting menus. More beer and wine in fast-casual chains. House-fermented food. New uses for pretzels. Banh mi makes it onto Western menus. Chicken skin. Crackdown on food waste. Rose wines all year long. Hipster Asian restaurants. Drinkers rediscover gin … gin bars and gin-tonic bars. Jewish fusion. Coconut everything. 4Hoteliers.com, Hottest Food and Beverage Trends for 2014. By Baum+Whiteman LLC. http://tinyurl.com/ny4mb7w.

Those are my thoughts, let me know yours…