Food Waste Reduction – One Year Later

Executive Team Members of a large hotel attended a Food Waste Reduction workshop in Portland, in June 2018. One year later, were results still in evidence?

Services provided by Grill Ventures International

GVI (with partner Steve Schein, PhD) developed and presented an interactive food waste reduction workshop in Portland OR, which the hotel executives attended. The workshop taught food waste reduction methods including optimal buffet management, food waste measurement techniques, food waste prevention best practices, donating food, purchasing strategies to reduce waste, service tactics for reducing waste, and much more.


A year later, the hotel’s 20 Yard compactor’s waste disposal quantities are down significantly, 47%, more than 13 tons, vs. April and May of 2018. Specific product results included a reduction of sausage consumption by 38% (equivalent of two tons per year), and a reduction of pasteurized liquid egg use by 7.4% (equivalent of one ton per year. Neither product was removed from the hotel’s offering.

“Chef Scott and I attended the workshop and were excited to leave with new ideas, a much clearer understanding, and a plan for how to start moving up the food waste hierarchy from composting to prevention”, said Scott Youngblood, hotel General Manager, during their webinar.