Reverse Falling F&B Profits for a Hotel Group

A hotel group has annual revenues in excess of $50 Million, but sales and profit margins are eroding.

Services provided by Grill Ventures

Conducted a 3-stage property review

Pre-visit review

P&L’s spanning 4 years – analysis of sales and cost trends

Review menus and sales mix reports, catering pace reports, organization chart(s), inventories, other information supplied by hotel

Review hotels’ web site(s) and information about F&B; assess social media standing ; review hotel’s F&B competitors
On-site visit

Tour property, FOH & BOH

Meet with department heads including catering sales team, review Stage-1 conclusions/assumptions

For restaurants, room service, bars/lounges, banquet and meetings, assess: COGS, labor productivity, sales and marketing

Analyze P&L, YTD results, organization and management team, sales mix, market segmentation, cost control systems

Evaluate menus: layout, formatting (printed & digital), pricing, engineering

Review initial findings and impressions with hotel management.

Post-visit: prepare detailed report of findings, agreements, action plans with priorities.


Gaps in corporate follow up process were uncovered and resolved.



Changes were implemented that yielded improvements in F&B sales POR and profit margin.