Make GVI Your Corporate F&B Dept

FAQ’s for GVI’s “Corporate Food & Beverage Dept. Service”


We are experienced and successful hotel operators, yet our company is not large enough to support a food and beverage person at the corporate or regional level.

Grill Ventures Services provides the optimal solution for your needs – corporate F&B support at a fraction of the cost of full time corporate personnel and infrastructure. We can work on a monthly retainer basis or on a project-specific basis.


Exactly how does GVI work with our company – what’s different from any other outside consultant?

GVI provides the perfect way for you to OUTSOURCE your corporate F&B.
Think of us as your “internal” consultant. In fact, if you like, provide GVI with a company email address, company business cards and a company phone number with voicemail. For example, 12 months a year, GVI will respond to queries and challenges directly from your properties or your regional managers or in any manner you wish. Our specialists will communicate constantly with whomever you designate within your company.


What range of services does GVI provide?

GVI is a one-stop source for your F&B needs. We have direct experience with most of the services described on this site. However we also have access to and use other professional resources when appropriate. For example, if concept development also involved a dining area redesign, GVI would recommend criteria for dining room design, even for décor, tabletop and service “touches”. GVI would work with the designer and architect of your choice – and even make recommendations if needed. On many projects our team consults with peers, culinarians and other industry experts at no additional cost to the Client.


We just need a menu or menu concept. Will this cost extra if we use the GVI Corporate Services?

Prior to beginning ANY project, and especially prior to scheduling the first full week in the first quarter, GVI will work with your company to create a productive strategic plan for the use of GVI’s time. YOU will drive the agenda, and when the plan is complete there will be a time budget or cap for each project which, if surpassed, will not result in additional charges. For the menu and menu concept, for example, you’ll likely want a Concept Statement so that your company has a common vision and blueprint for the concept. You’ll also want recipes and theoretical food cost analysis, and perhaps implementation guidelines. GVI can provide this, and much more. We can work with your own chef or use GVI culinary resources, or both.